Large empty newly remodeled living room with wood floor.

The Perfect Replacement Windows


If you’re a homeowner like me, you like to keep everything up to date and in tip-top shape. I have recently upgraded my home with new replacement windows & entry door in Raleigh NC. I wanted to share my experience because Renewal by Andersen made it a great one. I couldn’t be happier with my renovation services and wanted to show you how you could better your own home. I have owned homes all across North Carolina from Fayetteville to Winston-Salem and completed many restorations, but there was not one that turned out quite as great as this project. With this specific project, we replaced all of my old vinyl windows with some of Renewal by Andersen’s patented Fibrex(c) framed windows. Everything is custom built and made to perfectly fit the opening of the previous window and they don’t stop until everything is just right. In my home, I had two lovely bay & bow windows installed in the top tier of my home with twelve casement windows on the first  and second floors. In the basement, I had sliding windows, also know as gliding windows, along the four perimeter walls. This set up was great for my home, but you may be interested in their other replacement window options.

The main window styles that Renewal by Andersen can provide to your home are:

  • Casement
  • Bay & Bow
  • Sliding or Gliding
  • Awning
  • Picture
  • Double-Hung
  • Specialty

Casement Windowscasement (2)

This style is excellent for allowing maximum ventilation throughout your home. It’s crank system allows the window panes to be opened vertically and allows for easy accessibility in hard to reach places.

Bay & Bow Windowsbay and bow window

This type of window is angled and allows for a wide view to the outside. It is a crowd pleaser and allows for maximum amounts of sunlight to enter your home

Gliding/Sliding Windows gliding windows

These wonderful selections allow the window to slide across a track, making opening a breeze..literally. They provide easy access to cleaning and they don’t open outwards in areas where the opening may be restricted.

Awnings Windowsawning window

Very similar to casement windows, these beauties open on the horizon. This also allows adequate air flow but also gains cover from the outside elements like rain or snow.

Double-Hung Windows doulbe hung

These are fairly similar to gliding windows, however, they open up and down instead of from right to left. They come with a window pane release option which makes cleaning a cinch.

Picture Windows

These may be right for you home in areas where ventilation is not a necessity. These are fixed windows who’s only purpose is to allow in sunlightspecialty windows. These are perfect for situations where you want to compliment another window.


Specialty Windows

If you still can find the perfect window, then specialty windows may be right up your alley. These fitting shapes are custom made to fit any aperture. If there’s a hole, Renewal by Andersen can fill it.

Entry Doors

No matter what door you’re looking for, Renewal by Andersen can construct it for you. They are all built to last and they will insulate your house, saving you hundreds of dollars.

For any entry door replacement or replacement window needs, talk with the guys at Renewal by Andersen in Central NC!





Redesigning My Son’s Room

Modern bedroom interiorMy son’s birthday is coming up this week and all weekend I’ve been working on his big birthday surprise.  Instead of going out and getting him a big expensive gift, I wanted to transform his room into the ultimate kid’s room.  He’s turning six and I thought it was about time he had a bedroom more suited for his age.

To give myself time to work on this project, I had to get him out of the house.  So Friday, when I picked him up from his afterschool Riverview child care facility, I asked him if he wanted to go stay with his grandparents for the weekend and his eyes lit up.  He loves spending time there and I knew his grandparents would be more than happy to keep him for the weekend.

So with my son out of the house for the weekend, I could get to work on the room.

The first thing I needed to do was get everything out of the room.  I enlisted my wife for help and we cleared the room out.  Within an hour his room was empty and it was time to get to work.  The first thing I did was repainted the walls.  Before, his walls were white and very dirty.  Since blue is his favorite color, I decided to go with a dark blue paint.

Letting the paint dry, my wife and I went out later Friday night to pick out some new furniture for his room.  We found a great set at a local furniture store that goes great with the new color in his room.  We also found a nice gaming chair that he would love to sit it while playing his video games.

On Saturday it was time to get to work putting together all of the new furniture and organizing everything inside his room.  Everything actually came together pretty easily.  In a matter of hours I had everything built and put inside the room.  I went ahead and framed a few of his posters so that they would stay in good condition.

One of my favorite features (and one he’s surely going to love) is the entertainment center.  My sister donated one of her old TVs and I set it up in the room with his PlayStation.  The center has all of his games organized and even has headphones so that he can play with sound on without disturbing anyone.

He comes home tomorrow, so we’re putting on some final touches.  The room looks fantastic and I’m sure he’s going to love it.


Redecorating Grandma’s Home

Earlier this year my grandma reached out to me about wanting to redecorate her home.  She said she had been itching for a change and wasn’t quite sure how to go about it.  This sounded like the perfect project for me.  I love design and using my creative passion to redecorate and redesign.

I got together with my grandma and we discussed some different styles she wanted to incorporate.  I was surprised when she said she wanted to go with a more modern look – but it sounded like a fun project!  She said she wanted to get started the following week while her senior care partner was out of town.

The following Monday I drove over to pick her up and we headed out to a local White Plains, NY home goods store.  Browsing the store we found some great wall decorations that she wanted to use in her home.  She also spotted a new comforter for her bed and a rug to match.  I could tell she had a ton of energy and was so excited to be out preparing for a transformation.

After the home goods store, we headed to a home improvement store to pick out some new paint for her walls.  She wanted to repaint bother her bedroom and living room.  For the living room, she wanted to replace the plain white walls with a warm and welcoming golden yellow.  For her bedroom, she was replacing the outdated cream color with a cool, light blue color.  Before we left the home improvement store we picked up some new brushes, painter’s tape, and plastic lining.  We were both anxious to begin our project.

We spend the next few days painting, reorganizing, and decorating.  By the end of the week you could hardly recognize grandma’s house as the one I grew up in!  Everything looked fresh and rejuvenated.  When her senior caretaker finally returned she was amazed at all of the work we had done she was shocked.

Even though we only worked on the living room and her bedroom, the house looked new and modern.  Next, I think my grandma wants to redo her kitchen.  I think that project will take a little bit more planning considering that she wants to replace all of the appliances and countertops.  Oh well, I’m happy to help her out any way that I can!

With Style Comes Success

mansion2Maintaining a beautiful home can almost be considered a second job. It’s a never ending battle of staying up with the trends and upcoming styles. If you do it right, you’ll please all your friends. Personally, I believe that a home should express your inner self and it should give you a feeling of comfort in every room. Northern Virginia’s style is ever changing and it can sometimes come with a cost. I reside in the Arlington side of NOVA, but I work out in Fairfax. My Husband and I (well…mainly me) have decided to do another overhaul on our home’s décor. Our house needed a facelift and I had decided to put my foot down and get it done! Our search for the best northern VA contractor began!

When running through our wish list, siding and roofing were on the top of our list. I love the color of white oak shingles so that would be our wood siding species of choose. For our roof top, we have decided to go with a classic slate roofing. Our contemporary styled home will work very well with these options.  With that in mind, we looked high and low for a NOVA contractor that could give us what we wanted. Metro-Contractors were our guys for the job!  We had found excellent reviews from all around the area so we felt we were in good hands. We actually called them up and had them drop by for a free assessment that they were offering. Aside from giving us a very reasonable quote for the roofing and siding they also suggested some other home restoration ideas.

They told us that they also specialized in window repair and could replace all the ones that weren’t fixable. It appeared that there was some water damage to a few and the frames needed to be replaced so we took their advice and followed through on that suggestion.

We were also introduced to the idea of having brand new granite countertops.  These were a good idea because they were products that would last a lifetime. A quality granite countertop will also help increase the property value of your home where you could possibly see some return on your investment a little down the road. That was very tempting so we decided to go forth with that idea as well. We just had to sit down and sort through the thousands of stone selections.

When restoring your old style home, make sure to run through all of your options. It’s very important for your social & mental success to have a beautiful home to come home to, so don’t cut yourself short. Good luck on your home restorations!


Upgrade Your Home’s style

At the beginning of spring I began a project to improve the interior design of my home.  My home had become drab and boring and since spring is the season of new life, I decided to bring new life to my home.

There were many things I wanted to change about my home, but realistically I knew I couldn’t do it all.  I focused on some of the main points and found some fun inexpensive ways to freshen up my home’s style.  Below I’ll share with you some of the tasks I focused on.

Living Room

Being the centerpiece of my home, I knew I needed to give my living room a touch-up.  Before, everything from the curtains to the rug to the side tables had been mismatched.  I wanted to bring order to the space.

I began by repainting all of the walls from a dirty eggshell color to a dark gray color.  To match the walls, I picked up interior window shutters from a local shop in Richmond.  With all of this dark color, I wanted to accent some other features of the room with bright color.  To do this, I took my old antique table that sits up against the wall and gave it a fresh paint job.  I went with red to really make it pop against the neutral wall.

Next, I repainted my wooden coffee table all white, and then took some old decorative wall paper with red highlights and glued it to the top of the coffee table.  To help protect the finish, I bought a glass pane to rest on top of it.  This really helped to liven of the living room and for cheap.

Master Bedroom

Another area I really wanted to focus on was the master bedroom.  Before, it was bland and uninspiring, so I really wanted to mix it up.  While out shopping, I found a gorgeous multi-colored rug that I knew would look great against the hardwood floor.  I decided to purchase that and use the color scheme to create the design for the rest of the room.

The rug was huge and would cover most of the flooring.  I replaced the comforter on my bed with a style that compliments the style and color of the rug.  After seeing how those two items looked with each other, I decided that I should paint the walls here as well.  Instead of a dark palate like I used in the living room, I went with a bright pure white.  It looks amazing!

Aside from those things, the main features that were bringing down the style of the room was all of the junk lying around.  I decided to do some major organizing and anything that didn’t fit and I didn’t use was getting sold at the next yard sale.


All in all, I think this project turned out very well.  I’ve inspired myself to tackle the kitchen and bathrooms next.


Save Money on Your Next Home Improvement


I have just purchased my first home in the lovely city of Indianapolis. This place has so much to do out here and I’m proud to be a resident. Now the only step left, which could endure the life of ownership of my home, is to do a little home improvement. My roofing was brand new, the floors had just gotten new carpeting, and the walls just had a fresh layer of paint added so what else could be done? I had been talking to my best bud Jonny and he had some great insight on possible home improvements. He had mentioned how he just got home window tint installed and I thought that was a great idea. Jonny showed me before and after pictures of his house and I was really impressed at how sleek his home looked now that it had some high-quality 3M window filmModern Office Windows. This stuff was great and it even reflected a golden blue across the surface. Jonny explained to me that depending on the types of metal alloys used in the tint, a different effect would take place.

After the chat with Jonny, I decided to investigate a little bit more about this magical stuff. I searched around town and found a wonderful window tinting company called Solar Concepts and they were very helpful in educating me more about the benefits of window tint. One of the biggest pros that they explained to me was that I was going to be able to save up to 30% on utility bills by reducing the amount of usage of my heating and cooling systems. I looked up the previous owner’s utility costs and it looks like I could save up to six hundred and fifty dollars. With these savings, I can’t see a reason not to invest in this great stuff.

happy clientAfter talking with them, I set up an appointment for a free quote. They came out to my house the following day and made all of their measurements and we went through many of their options. For my home, I decided to go with a dark tint that would also add shatter protection. The shatter protection is great because if someone tries to break in the 3M window film will hold the glass together and make it harder for the intruder to get in. This will give more time for the police to show up to the scene. After everything was installed I could see instant results. It gave my home a sleeker look that all of my friends enjoy. I’ll probably be enjoying it the most because of all the money I was going to save!


Upgrade Your Home This Summer

when-to-replace-your-windowsGetting your home into tip top shape is no easy task – especially if you’re trying to fit it all in in one summer.  There are so many things to in such little time.  However, can be done and it can bring many benefits to you home, such as style, increased worth, and energy efficiency.  Below are some ways that you can upgrade your home this summer.

Replacement Windows

Replacing your windows with high-quality replacement windows can be beneficial in many ways.  A high-quality window not only looks excellent, but it can add thousands of dollars to your home’s resale value if you ever decide to sell.  That’s because superior windows, like those from Renewal by Andersen, are built to last for decades and require very little upkeep.

Replacement-widnowA high-quality replacement window can save you thousands on your energy bills each year.  That’s because a window with high-quality glass panes and a perfect fit provides excellent insulation to your home.  Never mind the initial cost; you’ll be rewarded ten-fold over the life of the window.

New Appliances

Many homeowners are still using outdated appliances in their homes.  Often times, not only do these appliances not match, but they can also be sucking up all of your home’s energy, skyrocketing your utility bill.  One of the best ways to improve the look of your home (and energy savings) is to invest in new appliances.  You’ll find the best deals for these items when they’re sold in packages.  So not only will be able to treat yourself to all new appliances at once, but they’ll all match – making your home look well put together.

A New Paint Job

Painting the interior of your home won’t save you money on your energy bill, but it can certainly help you elevate your home’s style.  Whether you’re just putting a fresh coat of the existing color or going for a new color altogether, painting you walls can take a boring home and put it over the top.

If you’re really going for a new look, painting the exterior of your home is a great way to make it stand out and give your home more curb appeal.  Just make sure you stay within your Home Owner’s Association’s guidelines.

Time to Replace Your Windows?

If you’ve been noticing your utility bills increasing over time, or chilly drafts coming in from outside, it could be time to consider replacing your windows. Window replacements are a valuable investment — though the initial cost could be pricey, a high level of energy efficiency will save you hundreds of dollars in the long run. Newer windows are usually equipped with technology such as Low-E coatings, which reduces UV rays that can damage your carpets and furniture. Many newer windows also meet the Department of Energy’s Energy Star standards, ensuring quality energy efficiency for your home. If you’r concerned about whether you should replace your old windows, or simply repair them, consider these signs:

windows 2Low Performance

Windows should keep out cold air in the winter, and warm air in the summer. If your windows are leaking air into or out of your home, they should be replaced or sealed as this will raise your monthly utility bill. You should also be able to open and close your windows — if they are painted or nailed shut, they should be replaced or repaired. New windows work well in keeping noise out, so if you live in a city or have noisy neighbors, you may want to consider having your windows replaced with newer ones.


If you notice any chips, deterioration, or water stains on or around the window, this is a sign. Also, if the design of the windows is outdated and no longer fit with the overall style of your home, this would be a great opportunity to have them replaced with newer, more modern windows.


Consider replacing your windows if cleaning them is a struggle due to their style or design. You will feel much better having new windows that are much easier to maintain and keep clean.

Windows are a crucial part of your home’s unique style and design. When your windows aren’t living up to their expectations of style, energy efficiency, and low maintenance, it’s likely that they’re costing you money in your utility bill as well as the overall value of your home. If it’s time to upgrade your windows to a more modern, cost-effective design, Blue Ridge Exteriors is an excellent Richmond replacement window contractor, offering a variety of options and quick installation.

Refresh Your Home

Over time, our homes can begin to feel stale and boring.  Junk starts to collect and surfaces begin to build up dirt and stains.  Every year or so, it can be good to switch it up a bit, reorganize and do a thorough cleaning of your home to give it new life.

There are a variety of things you can do, both big and small, that can make your home feel like new again.  Below are a few tips to help you get started and get the creative juices flowing.

Deep Clean

Doing a deep, thorough cleaning is a great way to bring new life to your home.  Over time surfaces begin to collect dust and slowly alter the color of surfaces like carpet and upholstery.  Hiring a professional carpet cleaner such as Dr. Chem-Dry in Phoenix, can help you rejuvenate your home as well as clear allergens that may be hiding in your carpet’s fibers.  Going through your home with a duster and some Windex is another great way to help bring to life surfaces like tables and countertops.

Rearrange Your Furniture

Modern bedroom interiorSimply moving around your furniture and altering the way rooms are set up can make a big difference.  It’s easy to become complacent with the way your rooms are set up, even if you don’t like the way it looks.  I recommend just moving a few things around just to mix it up a bit – giving you a new perspective of your room.  Even small rearrangements can make you feel like you’re in a completely different home!


Paint is such a useful resource if you’re looking to freshen up your home.  Whether to change the color of the room completely or just to add a fresh new layer of the same color, you’ll be surprised how just a few hours of painting can help the appearance of a room.  However, don’t feel like you’re restricted to only painting the walls.  Throwing on a fresh coat of paint on a table or even an appliance can give your home a brand new style.

Change your Lighting

Many homes feature only overhead lighting, which can really make a room look bland.  I recommend buying lamps and string lighting to help give rooms a different ambiance.  You might be surprised how different your room looks when the overhead lighting is replaced by lamps.  While you’re experimenting with different types of lighting, I also recommend testing out different types of light bulbs.  Try to find a bulb that gives your home the look and feel you want.