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Home Renovation For Senior Family Members

House ownership and maintenance are both major lifetime investments for many individuals in the Fallbrook and Escondido CA area. But for aging seniors or disabled veterans, not having the odds of a functional house in their favor makes the idea of a “sweet home” even more fascinating. Just like everyone else, it is important senior citizens aren’t denied their rights to live peacefully in a comfortable abode.

Current Housing Environment

There’s no shortage of well-made houses in the country, but the fact that these are designed keeping the requirements of the young adult in mind leaves kids and seniors out of the frame. In other words, modern-day houses don’t have the right conveniences and features to be enjoyed by a diverse group of people.

Being able to move comfortably inside the house determines one’s level of independence within the space. Adapting the house to meet the aging population’s needs, therefore, makes sense. It does not only push up the house’s market value, but the house becomes much more practical and functional as well.

Why to Remodel the House

Leaving the house untouched when senior members take shelter increases the chances of an accident or fall at the house. Along with the stress, costs and pain of the accident, it could turn out the senior people of the house may no longer be able to live in the place independently. Waiting for the disability to happen before contemplating the changes could mean spending more on the medical expenses than the actual cost of renovating the place.

Renovation Costs and Other Considerations

The senior community is a rapidly-growing, large part of the society. In most scenarios, improving and maintaining the house for seniors doesn’t cost too much, since the adaptations are just a few design changes. For instance, the costs for building a narrow and wide hallway are the same. For seniors, the wider path would make movement around the house easier. The remodeling must be more about laying things right.

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Also, hiring senior care services can make mobility for the elderly much more comfortable. Generally, an elder care assistant in Escondido not just offers physical support to the senior adult but also makes a positive emotional impact. Having a live person around the house can have its various benefits, which only a disabled veteran or senior individual would recognize and appreciate.

Financial Assistance Programs

And if the expenses still fall out of the budget, there are several programs that help finance home repair and renovation projects for seniors. However, the options available may vary with the region and the elderly person’s financial situation. The following are a few options:


  • Medicaid Waivers

If the senior adult isn’t financially strong and has Medicaid eligibility, most states provide waivers on Medicaid community and home-based services that assist seniors financially, ensuring they stay in a proper house and steer clear of nursing homes. Several waivers foot home modification bills to help the senior individual live independently. Every state has varied waivers with unique eligibility benefits and criteria.


  • Local and State Programs

Some local and state governments offer financial assistance schemes, which are usually referred to as “deferred payment loans” or “nursing house diversion programs”. These aren’t funded by Medicaid. The programs, which could entail loans or grants or their combination, help with modification payments. This helps moderate-to-low income senior individuals and the disabled stay in the house. Typically, the modifications covered include accessibility improvements such as handrails, grab bars, and wheelchair ramps. A few could be utilized for home improvements such as cooling and heating, roofing, weather-stripping, storm windows, and insulation.


  • Veteran Benefits

If the senior individual is a disabled veteran, VA (United States Department of Veterans Affairs) offers grants such as SHA (Special Housing Adaptation), HISA (Home Improvements and Structural Alterations) and SAH (Specially Adapted Housing) that pays for house modifications.


  • Non-Profit Organizations

Based on the location, the elderly person could also get home modification and repair services done via non-profit organizations. Such institutes offer services to veterans, low-income seniors, military families, disabled people, disaster victims, and families with kids.


  • Reverse Mortgages

Available to elderly people aged 62 years and above with their own house, or who owe only a little balance on their current residence, reverse mortgages let senior individuals convert a portion of the home equity into cash – which could be utilized for house improvements – that need not be repaid till the senior person stays there. But, a reverse mortgage isn’t cheap, and should always be the last option.

Creating the Perfect Daycare

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If you have an in-home daycare in Bolingbrook IL or you’re contemplating starting one, it’s important to make sure that your home is ready for this type of business. While a daycare can certainly allow you the freedom to stay at home and run your own business, it’s important to realize that it can be much more involved than you might anticipate. Child care can certainly provide a very rewarding opportunity to help care for and guide young children; however, you’ll likely want to make a few changes to your home in order to help make your days go as smoothly as possible.

One important home improvement that can help you create a more inviting and functional daycare space is to have carpet removed in play and eating areas. Kids make messes and when you’re running a child care facility, you can naturally count on spills and accidents. Easy care flooring, such as linoleum, tile or laminate can make clean up a breeze. Additionally, with all the little feet scampering about, the carpet will likely begin to show wear and tear in a very short amount of time.

Play Area Make-Over

Another area that could really benefit from a little remodeling is the main play area. You’ll more than likely have numerous toys to educate and entertain the kids, so you’ll need a convenient way to help keep this clutter organized. Easy to reach shelving that is firmly attached to the wall can make a great place to store everything from cars and blocks to craft supplies and cuddly toys. Of course, in the interest of safety, it is imperative that any shelving be anchored securely to the wall in order to avoid accidents and to meet the building codes in Bolingbrook IL.

Children will also need a safe and kid-friendly bathroom. The bathroom should be close to the main activity areas. If you’re thinking of making some home improvements to better equip your daycare, consider adding a kid-size toilet as well as a kid-friendly sink. Easy to use faucets as well as hot water temperatures that are kept at a safe setting can make your bathroom area easier for the kids to use and certainly much safer.

While many people like to use area rugs, especially if they don’t have carpet, it’s important to keep in mind that these rugs can also pose a tripping hazard for young kids. The non-skid backing can help keep rugs in place.

Kid Friendly Dinning

When it comes to snacks and meals, having a convenient place for the kids to sit is going to be extremely important. Child-size tables and chairs are the best way to keep messes to a minimum and provide the kids in your daycare with a comfortable place to eat. Of course, these tables and chairs can double as activity tables when the kids are done with their snack. If possible, try and create a dedicated area in your home for these tables. If space is limited, consider stacking chairs and folding tables. You could add a small storage closet to put these items away when they are not being used.

Kid Safe Security

Finally, when making home improvements, consider the types of doors handles and locks, not only on outside doors but also on interior doors. Little ones have a tendency to lock themselves in bathrooms and bedrooms. Make sure your doors are properly secured in order to ensure the safest environment in your daycare.

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Home Improvement Overhaul

Maintaining a beautiful home can almost be considered a second job. It’s a never ending battle of staying up with the trends and upcoming styles. If you do it right, you’ll please all your friends. Personally, I believe that a home should express your inner self and it should give you a feeling of comfort in every room. Northern Virginia’s style is ever changing and it can sometimes come with a cost. I reside on the Arlington side of NOVA, but I work out in Fairfax. My Husband and I (well…mainly me) have decided to do another overhaul on our home’s décor. Our house needed a facelift and I had decided to put my foot down and get it done! Our search for the best northern VA contractor began!

When running through our wish list, siding and roofing were on the top of our list. I love the color of white oak shingles so that would be our wood siding species of choose. For our roof top, we have decided to go with a classic slate roofing. Our contemporary styled home will work very well with these options. With that in mind, we looked high and low for a NOVA contractor that could give us what we wanted. Metro-Contractors were our guys for the job! We had found excellent reviews from all around the area so we felt we were in good hands. We actually called them up and had them drop by for a free assessment that they were offering. Aside from giving us a very reasonable quote for the roofing and siding, they also suggested some other home restoration ideas.

They told us that they also specialized in window repair and could replace all the ones that weren’t fixable. It appeared that there was some water damage to a few and the frames needed to be replaced so we took their advice and followed through on that suggestion.

We were also introduced to the idea of having brand new granite countertops. These were a good idea because they were products that would last a lifetime. A quality granite countertop will also help increase the property value of your home where you could possibly see some return on your investment a little down the road. That was very tempting so we decided to go forth with that idea as well. We just had to sit down and sort through the thousands of stone selections. We found NEKA to have some of the best granite prices around.

When restoring your old style home, make sure to run through all of your options. It’s very important for your social & mental success to have a beautiful home to come home to, so don’t cut yourself short. Good luck on your home restorations!



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Home Improvements for Seniors

According to the Administration on Aging (AOA), simple home repairs, improvements, and modifications can help seniors move around their home more easily and avoid accidents such as slips and falls. Some of the easy home improvement projects that seniors can undertake with the help of homecare aides to improve their lifestyle include:

Replace High Pile Rugs

Unlike low pile rugs, high pile rugs have longer threads that give them a luxuriant and aesthetically appealing look. However, high pile rugs tend to impede the movement of seniors who rely on walkers or walking canes and even worse, can increase the risk of trips and falls, which in turn increases the risk of injuries. In fact, data from the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) shows that 90% of hip fractures in seniors are caused by falling. Moreover, 50% of hip fracture patients remain dependent on a walker or cane, whereas 20% die within one year of falling. With this in mind, seniors could enlist the help of their senior care aides to replace high pile rugs with low pile rugs.

Installing Handrails and Grab Bars

handicap bars

Seniors can easily trip and fall when using the stairs or even the bathroom. Fortunately, installing handrails and grab bars can reduce this risk significantly. Inside the bathroom, grab bars should be installed on the walls. On the other hand, appropriate handrails should be installed along walls or suitable surfaces that run parallel to staircases.

Improve Mobility inside the Bathroom

Seniors can enlist the help of home care aides to install slip-resistant rugs on slippery floors such as the bathroom floor. This is in addition to installing a curbless shower to reduce the risk of falling while attempting to get inside the shower area. Remember, the elderly may have difficulties accessing bathroom areas that are elevated even slightly.

Replace Doorknobs with Lever Handles

door handle leverA common problem that seniors, especially those suffering from diseases that affect body joints such as arthritis, may experience is turning doorknobs. Luckily, this problem can be resolved by replacing doorknobs with lever handles. Doing so would also improve safety because an elderly person would easily be able to open doors and escape in the event of an emergency such as a fire outbreak.

Replace Traditional Light Switches with Touch Switches

Another problem that some seniors face is turning on/off traditional light switches. Seniors generally experience eyesight and mobility problems, meaning it becomes increasingly difficult for them to locate and turn on/off toggle switches. Nevertheless, seniors can resolve this issue with the help of home care aides by replacing the problematic switches with touch or rocker switches.


Poor lighting can cause accidents such as nasty falls. Additionally, elderly may also injure their arms and hands while reaching for items stored inside poorly lit kitchen cabinets and drawers. An effective way of resolving these issues is by installing recessed lighting to illuminate kitchen workspaces and cabinets. Furthermore, it is wise to install suitable lighting to illuminate corridors, verandas, and outdoor walkway. This will make it easier for the elderly to move around or access whatever they need with relative ease, especially at night.

Some of the easy home improvement projects that seniors can complete with the help of senior care aides include installing handrails and grab bars, replacing high pile rugs with low pile ones, installing recessed lighting, replacing door knobs with lever handles, as well as replacing traditional toggle switches with touch or rocker switches.

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The Importance of Cleaning Your Upholstery Regularly

Cleaning your upholstery on a regular basis will extend the lifespan of your furniture.  As such, this should be incorporated into a regular house cleaning schedule.  You can thoroughly clean your upholstery every six months or have it professionally cleaned in that same time span.  This will ensure the pieces will look their best and be hygienic as well.  You can carry out routine upholstery cleaning during the ensuing six-month period after deep cleaning is done.  This is especially important if young children and pets are a part of the household.

Aesthetic Value

renewal windows

A number of individuals clean their upholstery to assist in maintaining its appearance.  Regular cleaning will help in keeping furniture looking great for an extended period of time; this is particularly significant when the furniture is new.

A home looks and feels more warm, comfortable and welcoming when the furniture pieces are looking great.  When the furniture looks old, worn, grimy and dirty, the environment looks and feels unwelcoming and dilapidated.  Regular cleaning can easily prevent this from happening.

Cleaning regularly also extends the life of the furniture.  Many individuals do not have the means to replace furniture every time a piece gets worn.  Upholstery cleaning on a regular basis will prevent this.  Dirt and grime play a major role in making furniture age faster and regular cleaning will help it to last longer.

Creating a Healthy Environment

Aside from the aesthetics of upholstery cleaning, the air quality in your home will also be enhanced.  Better air quality will help to ensure the safety and improved health of household members.  Cleaning upholstery will also eliminate mildew, dust, mold and other allergens.  This is particularly relevant in households in which individuals are afflicted with respiratory illnesses.

Bacteria and dust will become trapped in certain furniture pieces and, left untreated, could result in allergies and breathing problems.  Upholstered furniture provides an ideal breeding ground for bacteria.  If they are not regularly cleaned, the bacteria will keep growing and multiplying.  In addition, the trapped dust can start to get into the air and cause the air quality to decrease.  Upholstery cleaning assists in ridding the air of problem-causing allergens and dust.

Effective Furniture Cleaners and Equipment

frustrated carpet cleaning

An effective and environmentally friendly cleaner should be used on the upholstery.  The one you use should be free of harsh chemicals and safe for the fabric on the furniture.  Ideally, you want a cleaner that will remove the stain, clean the carpet thoroughly, and neutralize any odors.  This will save both money and time.  There is also a hot water extraction technique that can be used to eradicate deeply embedded dirt and leave the upholstery comprehensively clean.  The upholstery should be kept dry to avoid damage during cleaning.

Professional upholstery cleaners utilize the specialist-cleaning equipment.  They also use their professional knowledge to determine the most appropriate method of cleaning.  The decision is largely based on the condition, age, and type of the upholstery.  Light brushing, hot water extraction, shampooing, and vacuuming are the most commonly used methods of upholstery cleaning.

There is a tremendous variety of health and other benefits that can be derived from regularly cleaning your upholstery.  The furniture pieces will always look their best.  More importantly, the air quality in your home can be greatly enhanced through this method.  Poor air quality can end up affecting the health of household members.

Redecorating Grandma’s Home

Earlier this year my grandma reached out to me about wanting to redecorate her home.  She said she had been itching for a change and wasn’t quite sure how to go about it.  This sounded like the perfect project for me.  I love design and using my creative passion to redecorate and redesign.

I got together with my grandma and we discussed some different styles she wanted to incorporate.  I was surprised when she said she wanted to go with a more modern look – but it sounded like a fun project!  She said she wanted to get started the following week while her senior care partner was out of town.

The following Monday I drove over to pick her up and we headed out to a local White Plains, NY home goods store.  Browsing the store we found some great wall decorations that she wanted to use in her home.  She also spotted a new comforter for her bed and a rug to match.  I could tell she had a ton of energy and was so excited to be out preparing for a transformation.

After the home goods store, we headed to a home improvement store to pick out some new paint for her walls.  She wanted to repaint bother her bedroom and living room.  For the living room, she wanted to replace the plain white walls with a warm and welcoming golden yellow.  For her bedroom, she was replacing the outdated cream color with a cool, light blue color.  Before we left the home improvement store we picked up some new brushes, painter’s tape, and plastic lining.  We were both anxious to begin our project.

We spend the next few days painting, reorganizing, and decorating.  By the end of the week you could hardly recognize grandma’s house as the one I grew up in!  Everything looked fresh and rejuvenated.  When her senior caretaker finally returned she was amazed at all of the work we had done she was shocked.

Even though we only worked on the living room and her bedroom, the house looked new and modern.  Next, I think my grandma wants to redo her kitchen.  I think that project will take a little bit more planning considering that she wants to replace all of the appliances and countertops.  Oh well, I’m happy to help her out any way that I can!

The Advantages Of Hiring A Moving Company

Moving house usually requires more time, effort and physical strength than most people expect. Although there are costs associated with hiring a moving company in Jacksonville FL, the advantages more than compensate for this. Take some of the facts below into account, before deciding to move house on your own.


One of the biggest advantages of using a professional moving firm is that they will provide insurance for your belongings. Typically, this is specified in their terms, and it will protect the value of your transported items to a certain extent. You will be able to purchase additional insurance cover, if you believe that the standard cover provided is insufficient for your needs.


It should go without saying that hiring a moving firm is far more convenient than trying to do everything yourself. All you have to do is tell them your requirements, read their conditions, then sign an agreement. After this, the firm will get all your belongings packed and transported to the new location safely and quickly. You need not concern yourself with the smaller details, because the firm can pack and move even delicate belongings with good attention to care. Moving professionals are experts at packing up large quantities of items fast, without any need to be supervised. Happily, this will free up your time to manage other parts of your house move – like informing relevant parties of your change of address, and learning more about your new neighborhood.


A professional moving team is accustomed to transporting heavy furniture every day of the week. In the event that you encounter narrow gaps or steps at your new or old residences, they will be more equipped to deal with it. Moving firms possess the required equipment to transport heavy items. This, combined with their expertise, is key to ensuring that everything goes smoothly. Better still, a professional team enhances the safety element too, because they lower the chance that you will suffer any injuries on the day of the move.


Perhaps surprisingly, hiring a moving company is affordable for the majority of people. Partly, this is due to the fact that you can forgo purchasing the packaging materials, which are needed to safely move your items to their new location. Wooden and cardboard crates, packing tape, foam peanuts and bubble wrap will all need to be bought before you can get your belongings packed. Also, if you miscalculate and buy too much packaging material, this will be money down the drain. Happily, this is not something you have to worry about if you hire a professional mover. They will supply their own packaging materials and use any leftover materials on a different job.

Home Remodeling

stylish-kitchenAt last, our home renovation ends tomorrow.  It’s about time! It’s been a drawn out and stressful project.  Contractors have been in and out of the house for weeks now.  Most of our home has been out of commission for most of the time an dust has covered everything.  But it’s finally coming to a close.

Since buying the house twenty years ago, we’ve always wanted to change some things, but never have gotten around to it.  A few months ago, we decided that it was finally time to go ahead with the project to have our entire downstairs remodeled.  This includes the kitchen, the living room, the dining room, and the powder room.

Over the years our home began to feel boring, so we decided to make a change.  The first thing we did was knock down the wall separating the kitchen from the living room, which opened up the space.  The two rooms had two completely different types of flooring.  The living room had carpeting and the kitchen consisted of tile.  We wanted to go with consistent flooring across both of the rooms.  We went with a medium colored hardwood that looks great in both rooms. We also repainted all of the walls a consistent color – a heavy cream color.  This color looked great with our new flooring and offers a great contrast to our dark gray furniture.

I’m so excited for this project to be ending tomorrow.  I can’t wait to finally sit and enjoy my new renovated home.  The only thing that’s left is that the electricians need to finish up some work.  After that, it’ll be home sweet home.

To celebrate the monuments event, I’m treating myself to a spa day.  I’ll be at my favorite Richmond massage spot, , hopefully relieving all the stress from months of planning and having to deal with contractors.   I’m going to make sure today is a relaxing day.  I know, however, I’ll hardly be able to contain my excitement though.  I’ve been waiting a long time to finally have the home I desire.  Maybe next year we’ll go ahead and remodel the upstairs!

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Avoid Expensive Restoration Costs By Following These Quick Carpet Cleaning Tips

An average carpet along with pad costs $35 per square yard, which translates into $1155 for covering an area of 33 square yard. This sum escalates several times when you purchase an Oriental make, its price being dependent on the number of knots it contains per square inch.

Costly yet un-cared

Apart from being the costliest furnishing of the house, it is the most abused one. Kids trample on it with dirty feet, untrained pets pee on it, and family members drop crumbles of food on it. If this is not enough, a leaking water pipe or spilled liquid can permanently damage the rug, causing colors to flow from one part of the rug to the other if one does not take proper and preventive measures in time. However, it is surprising to see that homeowners hardly bother to clean it. It is too late by the time they realize their folly and try to clean it. They have no options apart from calling a professional cleaner.


Methods to follow

Here are some quick carpet cleaning tips that will help you for cleaning dry rugs. Carpets generate static electricity when people walk over it because of friction. This problem aggravates during the winter when the humidity level of the atmosphere decreases. Over time, the dust permeates between the knots and becomes impossible to dislodge.


Carpet cleaning with a vacuum cleaner

You can use a vacuum cleaner for removing dust and pollen from your carpet. Pick up toys, bobby pins, paper clips, and other objects that can damage your cleaner before vacuuming the rug. It is a good idea to dust windowsills, blinds, and furniture before the cleaning process. This allows the cleaning machine to pick up those dust particles, and ensures that your carpet remains clean for a longer time.


Use the rug nozzle

Instead of using the normal tip that you use for cleaning the floor, attach a rug nozzle. You can purchase one from online stores if required. They restrict the power of the cleaner and prevent it from plucking the soft fibers of your rug. Move the cleaner forward and backward, first horizontally and then vertically. This removes dust particles trapped between the twisted fibers. It also removes pet hair trapped between the knots.


Cleaning a drenched rug

Follow these quick carpet cleaning tips to dry a drenched rug. If water has moistened a small area, pat that zone lightly with a lint free blotting paper. Never rub the surface of the rug, since this process can damage the tender fibers and cause the color to transfer from one part of the carpet to the other. You should also change the paper on a regular basis for the same reason. However, you have to use a different carpet cleaning process if the rug is fully drenched.


Points to follow

Never dry it in sunlight. It contains ultraviolet rays that act as a bleaching agent, which can fade the colors of your carpet. Avoid rolling the carpet since this will further damage it. Place a couple of tables side by side, so that their combined surface area is more than that of the carpet. Four persons should catch the four corners of the rug, lift it gently, and place it atop the tables. Close the doors and windows and turn on the air conditioner. The dehumidification function of the air conditioning unit will dry your rug without damaging it.

For more carpet cleaning tips, visit Precision Chem Dry.

Air Conditioner System With Dirty Condition Industry object

Benefits Of Air Duct Cleaning

Airborne contaminants are inevitably sucked into the duct when the HVAC system is in use. After a while, these destructive contaminants will cause a buildup inside the air ducts. The contaminants could include carbon monoxide, bacteria, airborne allergens, animal dander, dust mites, household mold, tobacco smoke and chemicals.

They circulate throughout the home or workplace, polluting the air, aggravating respiratory illnesses and triggering allergies. Children and the elderly are especially susceptible to these pollutants.

It should be noted that a contaminated HVAC system does not automatically mean the air is unhealthy. However, this situation could be contributing to larger health issues. It could also be accumulating contaminants that could trigger serious problems for individuals with autoimmune disorders.

Professional air duct cleaning in Phoenix AZ uses specialized brushes, blowers and vacuums to unclog the intake, supply and return ducts all through the home or office. Typically, the process also involves a comprehensive cleaning of the registers, air handler, fans, coils, housings, motors and grilles that make up the HVAC system.

There are numerous benefits that can be derived from cleaning air ducts. They include:

Improved Air Quality

Getting the air ducts cleaned will assist in eliminating poor air quality. When the air ducts are cleaner, indoor air quality automatically improves. The cleaning will free the ducts of all unwanted and potentially harmful particles. It will prevent their release into the living space as well.

Energy Savings

Studies have indicated that between 25 and 40 percent of the energy used during the cooling and heating process is wasted. Contaminants in the system result in it working harder, which will ultimately shorten the lifespan of the system. Even though filters are used during the heating and cooling processes, normal use will still cause it to get dirty. When the system gets a thorough cleaning, it does not have to put in as much work to maintain the desired temperature. As a result, you will use less energy and this will lead to improved energy savings.

Elimination of Odor

As the colonies eat, expand and reproduce, unpleasant odors are produced by fungi and mold. These awful smells escape through the ductwork and eventually end up in the living area. Food and perspiration odors can become trapped as well. This is particularly true in tight homes where these smells subsequently become embedded in the dust clusters that are scattered right through the duct system. Regularly cleaning the duct removes the materials these smells cling to. The professionals can put a deodorizer into the system, if you so desire.

Lower Costs for HVAC Repair

Most system failures result from improper maintenance and excessive cycling. Dirty components and ductwork restrictions could amplify friction loss and drastically lower airflow up to 50 percent. Cycles that run longer cause extreme stress on critical moving parts. This could lead to excessive wear and tear and the untimely breakdown of the system.

Many homeowners recognize the significance of regularly servicing their HVAC equipment. Unfortunately, the network of the air duct is mostly neglected until it affects the performance of the whole system.

The air quality outside is influenced by several factors we have no control over. However, the indoor air can remain safe, clean and healthy. This can be done by incorporating filtration, duct cleaning, UV protection and ventilation into a complete indoor air quality plan.

It’s best to leave it to the professionals if you think your home is in need of air duct cleaning. For Scottsdale AZ area residents, call Cook Bros Cleaning and Restoration to receive a free estimate for your home duct cleaning.